The weekend of Ruined Castle, merino socks, flapjacks, the F**K It Way of Life, Leaping Govett…

Hello all and welcome to the inaugural blog for the inaugural outing of The Adventure Project. I wanted to write to you yesterday but I was a tired teddy but today I can’t wait to tell you what our 10 pioneer adventurers got up to (sadly not 12 to make The Dirty Dozen).

Saturday – Furber Stairs, Federal Pass, The Landslide, Ruined Castle and Golden Stairs, the perfect mix of stairs (#welovestairs) , a little bit of rock clambering, eating flapjacks, chatting and the official rating of whose walking socks were the best and unfortunately those whose didn’t make the grade #merinowalkingsocksrule.   I love Ruined Castle as I feel like I’m playing King of the castle everytime I’m there, not to mention the 360 degree views of sheer joy.

Chillaxing on the balcony in the late afternoon sun with refreshments of choice, (Earl Grey tea for me first followed by a Coopers Pale Ale) we had a special session on the ‘F**K IT Way of Life’ , based on the work and books of John C Parkin. This opened up a fascinating conversation about how we live, what causes us pain and stress, what really matters to us and how we can move our time and energy from the painful ‘things’ so we live a life of more freedom. (Check out it out)

Sunday – fuelled by a traditional Aussie English breakfast of everything we had in the fridge (mangoes, strawberries, yoghurt, muesli, eggs, bacon, avocado, fresh bread, flapjacks) we continued our walking from Pulpit Rock around to Govetts Leap return. Spotting beautiful Waratahs and a watchful Crimson Rosella with the Grose Valley expanding out in front of us, it is simply stunning. The official version of the name behind Govetts Leap is William Govett a surveyor who spent a lot of his time in the Blue Mountains however I prefer the fable of the Govett the bushranger, who being chased by Police refused to give himself up and lept over on his horse down the 450m drop (reminds me of Thelma and Louise).

Lunch in Blackheath was a fitting end to the pioneer weekend of The Adventure Project, #adventurerslovegreatfood. Thanks to everyone who joined me and making it such a success. I’m off now for an Earl Grey tea and flapjack, see you all next week.