The Royal National Park. We’ve all seen it from the air when we are landing into Sydney airport but have you really experienced it?

To me The Royal National Park has a very special aura about it. Perhaps being the oldest National Park in Australia has an influence. The mix of terrain and environment whilst being next to the coastline is so unique.

8 Adventurers landed at Garie Beach (delivered by minibus) and after the pre-requisite group photo, bathroom visit and lunchbox check headed off on our 18km walk North towards Bundeena. The photos speak for themselves, beautiful sunny day, a few beach crossings, few sneaky little climbs, rest stop at Wattamolla lagoon. Walking across beautiful sandstone felt like we were on a different planet.

18km is a solid day in the legs, we all felt it by the end, sadly the RSL at Bundeena hasn’t been re-built yet but luckily the local IGA is well stocked so great to chill out with a cool one before grabbing the local ferry over to Cronulla and pick up and return home, thanks everyone for a really enjoyable day.