OK, not exactly like yoga but ocean swimming makes you feel so great and in the zone which I’ve been told is similar to yoga. There’s something brave and adventurous about swimming in the ocean. It’s the perfect compliment to hammering those legs. Still a fantastic cardio workout, great for full body exercise whilst being therapeutic for the mind and soul.

Early mornings in Coogee when I’m finishing a run, I notice all the outdoor fitness groups. The one group that to me, always look the most calm, content and just at ease are the ocean swimmers.   I’ve done a fair bit of ocean swimming now, I’m apprehensive about the ocean, it’s unpredictable, incredibly strong and deserves to be respected.  But being in the water is simply divine, the feel of the water on your skin, I can’t remember ever coming out of the ocean feeling worse than I went in.

I once read an article explaining how a test had showed that people suffering from depression has been asked to go for a swim in the ocean each day for 30days. It didn’t need to be a long swim, it was about just being in the salt water. Compared to a group of people suffering from depression who didn’t swim, the daily swimmers showed a marked improvement.

All I can say is if you have ever felt like giving it a go, do it now. The water is perfect in Sydney, 21C. There are many groups and clubs who are only too happy to introduce Rookies to this whole new world, I’ve been going with BondFit who are expert at looking after Rookie swimmers.

Who knows where this will lead you, but don’t be surprised if you end up entering one of the many ocean swim events happening right now, the ocean swimming crowd are a great community, similar to trail runners, friendly, inclusive and have that look about them – we’re enjoying this and we’re not afraid to show it.