It’s been just over a month since Ultra-Trail Australia, war stories have been told, tired bodies and souls have recovered and too much beer consumed.

Trail running isn’t glamorous, pretty or clean it’s tough, testing and dirty. You ache in places you’ve never ached, your kit smells like something quite unique, your feet starting looking quite peculiar, you’re constantly hungry and tired but still we want more.

Why? There’s something about being part of this friendly community, the endless discussions around next long runs, kit, nutrition, it’s almost a pack mentality but it’s an awesome community to be part of. I don’t care what anyone says, you don’t complete these events without these 4 key things: 1 Desire 2. Willingness to learn 3. Applying yourself 4. Self-belief. If you don’t have the desire and if you don’t enjoy it then find something else you want to do and enjoy, life is too short. If you have the desire, you can learn the rest.

UTA this year felt quite different with all the course changes due to the preceding rain. In short, I loved the first 60km, the last 40km was really tough, mentally more than physically. I finished well though with 2 great running buddies being supported by a truly wonderful group of loved ones to pick up my 3rd bronze buckle, exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I’ll be back, I’ve already forgotten the hard stuff and you know, the hard stuff is often the meaning anyway. I don’t want an easy comfortable life as I’ll never know or learn what I’m truly capable of. It’s also time to share that passion with others. See you out there.