Why Coaching?

Being coached individually helps you get to start line in the best possible form for your event, coaching takes the stress and difficulty out of planning your own training load and timetable
Specific coaching is tailored to your life and available time to enable you to focus on quality sessions rather than trying to cram too much in, over train and end up fatigued or in many cases injured
Generic programs do not cater for individual requirements, current fitness status or other ongoing commitments. We firmly believe having a unique training program tailored to you can make all the difference between achieving your goals successfully and not fulfilling your potential


A initial assessment takes place between us and yourself to understand your goals, where you are at, any injury history, what you would like to achieve and understanding your lifestyle and other ongoing commitments
A weekly program is provided to you based on your feedback provided as to how you are feeling, upcoming commitments in the weeks ahead and takes into account any other events that make it hard for you to know exactly how to plan your training schedule
Online support is available to you during the period of your coaching via email once a day


A 3 months minimum commitment is required for coaching clients, during this constant evaluation and adjustment is made to your training plan based on your feedback.


$200 + GST per month per client during the coaching period.