Why adventure trail-running and hiking?

Firstly, it’s a fun way to spend your time in the best outdoors areas near Sydney!  You get to visit and explore great new places and it gets you out of the city and makes you feel really good when you’re there and afterwards.  Of course you’ll get some great exercise, with some other cool people and just a great way to spend a few hours or a day.

Am I fit enough to join your trail-running squad and hiking adventures?

Our women’s trail-running squad is specifically for beginners so no you do not need to be a super hero runner!  A little exercise will help of course but this is for women that are just starting out so we take it easy and stay together.

All our hiking adventures are graded so you have a realistic expectation of the terrain, time on your feet and details of the type of walk we are doing.  The hikes are designed to be able to be challenging whatever your current level of fitness.  You don’t need to be a super-fit gym junkie or ultra-runner, it’s about a little mental toughness which we shall help you build!

What if you feel intimidated by joining new groups?

The people that join us on our adventures are friendly, supportive and here for a fun day. Zoe and Lesley our Leaders are there to care, guide and help you have a great day out.  You will be welcomed to our adventures and looked after. If you would like to speak to us before just give us a call.

Do I need to have technical skills such as navigation?

Not at all. Our Leaders, Zoe and Lesley provide the navigation for the walks and you do not need to worry about any of this. Our walks generally stick to well designated paths in the National Parks. The main reason we do this is to promote minimal impact practises and look after the environments we enjoy.

Do I need to do lots of preparation ready for a run or hike?

No, we provide you with all the details of where we are going, where to meet and what to bring.  You just need to turn up ready to enjoy the day. It really is that easy. We want everyone to have a fun time and come back for more!

Why do new people join The Adventure Project?

One reason is we love what we do so our passion rubs off into our groups, we have fun, we laugh a lot and we like to do fun stuff outdoors.

Exploring new areas, doing something active at the weekends, getting fitter, learning new tips, having the day organised are all reasons people join us, we can’t wait to meet new adventurers!

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